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Founder and Owner, Evan Thompson and Associates. Personal and team communications skills coach, motivational speaker and writer.

Evan Thompson is founder and owner of Evan Thompson & Associates. With 30 years of experience as a leader in the communications industry, Evan offers a customized approach to business development through training in personal branding, relationship development, and overall workplace culture modification. He has successfully provided coaching to professionals at all levels of business.

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How To Take A Break From Your Work In The gpointstudio via Getty Images

How To Take A Break From Your Work In The Summer

Experience has shown me that the key to a happy summer is avoiding the tendency to worry about work when you're on holiday and wishing you were on holiday when you're working. That entails finding a work-life balance and can be easier said than done, regardless of whether you are an independent business owner or an employee.
06/09/2017 09:52 EDT
How To Define Your Ideal JohnnyGreig via Getty Images

How To Define Your Ideal Client

Regardless of whether your ideal client is an independent business owner or part of a large organization, the time you spend in choosing the rights clients will put you further ahead in the long run than settling for work from those who don't "fit" you business model or professional value system.
04/06/2017 10:52 EDT
When Your Work Load Doesn't Match Your Job Poike via Getty Images

When Your Work Load Doesn't Match Your Job Description

Everyone wants to be recognized by their employer for the work they do, especially if it's above and beyond their job description. It happens often, whether you're asked to complete a task outside your scope of work or you want to outshine your competition and win that VP role that just opened up. Unfortunately, usually the more you do, the more expectations of you rise and as the work piles up, your performance slips and your stress increases.
03/09/2017 04:00 EST