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International development agency working to improve the lives of children

Plan International Canada is a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls. We have been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years and are now active in more than 70 countries.

We are calling on all Canadians to Defy Normal: to believe in the power and potential of every child and to take a stand anywhere children are oppressed, exploited or left behind and anywhere girls aren’t equally valued.

Why We Won't Hear From Refugee Girls On World Refugee Plan International

Why We Won't Hear From Refugee Girls On World Refugee Day

Without options to excel outside of the household, many girls are kept silent and their needs are left unaddressed. Unfortunately, gender and age make refugee girls vulnerable to unique and especially dangerous challenges. Some are forced into child marriage in an effort to escape starvation for themselves or their families, often with older men.
06/20/2017 10:19 EDT
What's Missing From Our Mission To End Plan International

What's Missing From Our Mission To End Malaria?

When it comes to global killers, malaria is one of our planet's deadliest perpetrators. In fact, half of the world's population -- 3.2 billion people -- is at risk. In 2016, one child died from malaria every two minutes. Like so many of our most pervasive diseases, malaria is even deadlier for women and children.
04/25/2017 10:52 EDT
Take Up Space With Your Handout

Take Up Space With Your Voice

We are all learning to find our voices and we are all advocates for a cause, whether or not we realize it. So take up space, and raise your voice. If you don't know what to say, then sing, dance, or build something. Find a way to tell your story.
04/07/2017 11:11 EDT
80 Years On And Not Enough Has Plan International

80 Years On And Not Enough Has Changed

Eighty years ago, the Spanish Civil War resulted in a vast displacement and large number of unaccompanied child refugees. It was from the ashes of that crisis that Plan International was created. I am sure John Langdon-Davies, the founder of Plan International, would be heartbroken to know how urgently, in so many parts of the world, our work is still needed.
03/23/2017 03:25 EDT
Youth Are Ready To Take On The Plan International Canada

Youth Are Ready To Take On The World

Many people acknowledge youth to be the leaders of tomorrow and understand that we are the voices of the future; however, this International Youth Day, the world must recognize that youth leadership is also key to tackling the biggest issues facing the world today.
08/12/2016 10:21 EDT
Not All Tourism Is Good For Unni Krishnan/Plan International

Not All Tourism Is Good For Canadians

Child-sex tourism is a particular kind of commercial sexual exploitation of children, interrelated with prostitution, pornography and human trafficking for sexual purposes. It occurs when someone travels to a place and, while there, sexually abuses a local child or young person.
06/22/2016 10:49 EDT